Announcements regarding new features and improvements
KML Map Layers

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Map layers feature.
You can now display multiple KML or KMZ files per Workspace on the map (max 10 shown at any one time).


Use KML files to highlight locations, add image overlays, and expose rich data in new ways.
Either upload a KML file from your computer or specify the URL of a remotely hosted KML for live data feeds!


Learn more in our map layers documentation.

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Australian dollar pricing now available!

For our customers in Australia, we are pleased to announce that you will now receive invoices priced in Australian dollars rather than US dollars. This change removes pricing uncertainty caused by exchange rate fluctuations, and enables automatic calculation of GST for Australian customers.

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User access request form

Users can now directly request access to your account via the request access link on your account's front-page and login section (when accessed via your account domain). An email will be sent to the support/contact address associated with the account.


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Place indicator on top of image file

Hi Eric, just to clarify, it sounds like the requirement is to configure a background image for a Chart? That is not something that is currently available, but I can pass the feedback along to our UI design team as they consider future enhancements.

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Edit data points

Data is edited or deleted by replacing it with other data that has the same timestamps but different values (or a null value). You can also delete an entire range of data by replacing it with the first and last timestamp, and a write mode of "Replace". Write modes are explained more in the docs here:

If you are using the HTTP API, you have more control over deleting data because you can use the specific DELETE or DELETE_RANGE write modes. Please contact if you need more information about using the HTTP API to delete data.

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Processsing node - retrieving prior values

Awesome! I will try this out over the next few days and let you know of any questions. Thanks so much - this is going to be a powerful tool for us.

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In my chart at "live84/Prototype Zero Energy Homes/Private Residences/Mike Wassmer Residence/Charts/House Consumption", I am trying to show the daily aggregates between 12 midnight and 12 midnight local time. According to the docs, “all times are relative to the user profile timezone.” Therefore, I believe I should set the Interval to 1D (to show daily aggregates) and set the Base Time to D (to start the aggregate at the start of each day in local time). My timezone in the user profile is (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time. Why does my chart in show values between 7 p.m. and 7 p.m. instead of between 12 a.m. and 12 p.m.?

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Scatterplot / lineplot

For what it's worth, I second the idea of including scatterplots as a graphing option! It is very useful for examining bivariate relationships where time isn't necessarily a critical parameter.

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Dashboard Button Font Size

For user roles which lack the Configure permission, the primary interface is the Dashboard Buttons. Our elder clients have requested that the Location text at the bottom of the Dashboard Buttons be increased in size which is only a couple millimeters on an average screen. Also if a picture is rendered in the Dashboard Button, the text is even harder to read. Is the path really needed? (User/Workspace/Location). Why not just show the Location text with large font?

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Background image on Value Tile

It would be useful to have the option of adding a basic background image file to the Value Tile on the Dashboard.
This would allow an extra level of customization and would allow users to create interesting visualizations for their data. For example, I could create a basic water tank icon, with the level data displayed in the centre of the icon.

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Static Text Tiles

We have updated the functionality of the Static Text Tile. If you open the Tile properties you will notice a new Display as HTML checkbox. If you leave this option unticked, line breaks will be automatically inserted as per the input text.

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Data source parameters deselected without user intervention

@Jarrah Has the fix been implemented? A few days ago, I uploaded a slightly modified version of my CR6 program to the logger (via LoggerNet). Although the program revision didn't involve any changes to the table structure, the following things occurred in eagle:

All the parameters in my PerScan table were previously collected by eagle and were manually configured by me. Now, all these parameters are deactivated and all the names returned to defaults. All the parameters in my Hourly and Min15 tables were previously not collected by eagle. Now, all these parameters are collected.

I didn't initiate these changes, so I assume they were triggered when I uploaded the new program.

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Connection attempts failing in, not in LoggerNet

@MikeyWazz as the problem you are experiencing is unrelated to the specific issue Eric raised in this thread we will respond to you via email

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Email "attachment source" working intermittently

I've looked into this and it seems like all cameras images started appearing correctly again at about 12:30 today and have been arriving once per hour since then. Not sure why they stopped or started working as we have not changed the Attachment Source functionality. Please let us know if you have any further issues with these sources.

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Data won't show in chart

@Tyler Can you please select the Parameter in the Workspaces Tree, copy the URL from your web browser (ie. and email to:

The most common scenario is usually related to the data that has been collected is outside the current time range being displayed on the chart. ie. change from 7day to 1yr.

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